Brothers Bash/Sisters Social

Get your swag on for Brothers Bash and Sisters Social tomorrow!

Stressed from midterms? Need a night off with the bros? Never fear, Brothers Bash is here! Come to STSS, room 312, this Friday night for a lot of fun.There will be a ton of activities including video games, ping-pong, and chess. We will have a small discussion with alumni about life advice as well. And of course, you’ll be stuffed after eating all the FREE FOOD! Guys, this is a night you’ll want to make sure you don’t want to miss!
Sister's Social Flyer
It’s time that time again… Sisters’ Social! Come out and destress from midterms with all the ladies. There will be plenty of delicious food, snacks, singing, dancing, games, and crafts to make sure you have a wonderful time! Don’t forget to invite your friends! The theme is all black with red lipstick. Have a song you want to hear at the Social? Fill out this Google form:
(clean versions only please).

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