Somali Student Association Breakfast & Culture Vulture


Join the Somali Student Association and Al Madinah Cultural Center tomorrow as we celebrate a day of Somali Culture!

Start your day off right with a good breakfast by enjoying some traditional Somali breakfast food (malawax, Shaah, maraq, oodkac, etc.) along with some eggs and pancakes from iHop! This breakfast will be served in Coffman Memorial Union, room 236 (AMCC) starting at 9:00am until food lasts! Make sure to be there for a (un)healthy breakfast!

Then, later in the day, drop by the AMCC room (Coffman room 236) at 3:30pm for a Culture Vulture presented by the Somali Student Association! Come join us as we showcase Somalia’s rich culture and heritage! Make sure you come out to learn what Somali culture is all about! There will be an educational presentation, dance tutorials, traditional clothing showcase, and authentic Somali cuisine that will be served! Invite your friends and we hope to see you all there!

SSA New Logo


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