Nominations Deadline and President & VP Elections Tomorrow

The deadline for AMCC nominations is tomorrow night. To nominate someone for an executive board position on AMCC, please send an email to, with their name, x500, and position nominated for. You can nominate anyone, including yourself, and for multiple positions. However, if you choose to accept a nomination, you may only choose one position to run for.

Additionally, elections for President and Vice President of Al-Madinah Cultural Center will be held tomorrow at 3:30pm in AMCC, Coffman room 236. To vote in these elections, you must be a student at the University of Minnesota and a general body member of AMCC. This constitutes having been to a GBM or at least 2 AMCC events, as well as being on our mailing list. On-site voting registration will not be allowed.

The candidates for President and Vice President of AMCC are as follows:

President –

Zamzam Yusuf:

Salamu alaykum! My name is Zamzam Yusuf and I am a Junior double majoring in Sociology and Communication Studies. I currently have the great honor of serving as the Outreach Coordinator for Al-Madinah Cultural Center, and served last year as the Outreach and Public Relations Intern. The year previous, I served as Vice President at the MCTC Muslim Students Association. I have been involved with AMCC since high school and I would love to continue my involvement by running for President In sha’a Allah!

Vice President –

Motaz Nashawaty:

Assalamualaikum! I’m currently finishing my third year pursuing a degree Biology. I’ve been involved in AMCC since my introduction to the U, serving as an active general body member, 2013-2014 Islam Awareness Week Committee Volunteer Coordinator, Event/Volunteer Coordinator Intern in 2014-2015, and 2015-2016 AMCC Volunteer Coordinator. I’ve also served as an officer in the Commuter Connection and as Events Coordinator (2014-15) and Public Relations (2015-16) for Students for Justice in Palestine. With those diverse experiences and their lessons, I am hoping to contribute to my community more as the Vice President inshaAllah. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Annis Nusseibeh:

I am currently a junior studying Electrical Engineering. Last year I was on the board of AMCC as Historian and I was also the Islam Awareness Week Committee Co-Chair and the First-Year Mentoring Program Coordinator. I appreciate the nomination and I look forward to helping out on board next year insha’Allah.


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