Molham Team’s Respond-Aleppo Campaign

In an effort to aid those whom have been affected by the incessant atrocities occurring in Aleppo, the Al-Madinah Cultural Center is endeavoring to raise money and awareness by supporting the Molham Team’s campaign “to provide basic needs for displaced civilians from Aleppo.”

Although this campaign began on December 13th, they are already almost halfway to reaching their goal of $100,000.

Let us put our efforts into helping this campaign reach its goal in a time-sensitive manner. Please do not pass by this without sharing or donating!

Here’s the link to donate:


Molham Volunteering Team was established three years ago by a group of dedicated and talented Syrian youth. These young men and women sensed the suffering of Syrians displaced to neighboring countries, namely Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. They refused to remain idle in the face of tragedy, and were determined to help alleviate the pain and to lend a helping hand to war victims and refugees. Using every resource available to them, the volunteers strive to provide food, shelter, and medicine to Syrians in need.

As the Syrian crisis escalated and the numbers of displaced Syrians multiplied rapidly within Syria and abroad, Molham Volunteering Team grew and expanded to assume the responsibility of supporting them. The Team now includes 100 volunteers from all around the world, who work together like a beehive to ensure that aid is delivered to those in need.

Today, Molham Volunteering Team is proud to consummate its achievements in the philanthropic field by establishing a nonprofit organization baring its name in Turkey with an office in Jordan. Through this organization, Molham volunteering Team seeks to organize its work in an institutional framework independent of any political orientation or partisanship. This independence ensures the proper conduct and professionalism of the organization, solidifies the trust of the Team’s supporters, and allows the organization to evolve in accordance with international standards of nonprofit work.


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