Al-Madinah Cultural Center is a student organization at the University of Minnesota that seeks to serve both the Muslim minority on campus as well as the campus community at large. Al-Madinah makes use of the cultural center located on campus in Coffman Memorial Union, room 236. The center provides both Muslim and Non-Muslim students and faculty of the University a comfortable place to study, hangout, pray, or just sit down and relax.

Our goal is to create a better understanding and appreciation for the culture of Islam. We are also committed to collaborating with our affiliate organizations, both on and off campus, to host events to both strengthen the relationship between Muslim organizations and serve the larger Muslim community. Al-Madinah also offers opportunities for students to get involved in their community and become leaders for future generations.

AMCC’s Goal

Al-Madinah seeks to create a better understanding and appreciation for the diverse culture of Islam through educational, social, and community activities at the University of Minnesota and to groom future leaders from its campus community.

Our vision is two-fold: seeking to serve both the Muslim minority on campus as well as the campus community at large. Al-Madinah aims to increase campus diversity and enhance the University experience through programming aimed at Muslims and non-Muslims, both educational and entertainment.

Our goals include: retention and recruitment of new members to be involved in educational workshops, study circles, expanding active participants among members and non-members, working to establish online as well as print material that supports Al-Madinah’s mission, assisting and developing Al-Madinah’s affiliated organizations, increasing the visibility of Al-Madinah on and off campus, as well as continuing to develop relationships with organizations that share similar missions.

AMCC’s Commitment to Collaboration

Al-Madinah prides itself on its general body members as well as its affiliated organizations. Some of these organizations include the Muslim Students Association, Malaysian Student Association, Pakistani Student Association, Persian Student Organization of Minnesota, Oromia Student Union, Omani Student Union, Ethiopian Student Association, Students for Justice in Palastine, Saudi Student House, Sudanese Student Union, Middle Eastern Student Association, Khaleeji Student Union, PERMIAS, and SSA.

Al-Madinah has coordinated with these groups in a variety of events, as well as conducted meetings to strengthen relationships among these various student organizations. This has resulted in a dynamic set of relationships that has allowed our respective organizations’ reach to broaden and to positively affect more students’ experience on campus. Additionally, Al-Madinah actively works with the various cultural centers in Coffman Memorial Union, including: La Raza Student Cultural Center, Asian-American Student Union, American Indian Student Cultural Center, Disabled Student Cultural Center, Queer Student Cultural Center, the Black Student Union, Women’s Student Activist Collective, and Minnesota International Students Association.

AMCC’s Values

All University members including students and faculty may benefit from the services provided by Al-Madinah, whether or not they know of the organization or have been to the center. Al-Madinah’s education and outreach programs increase the diversity, tolerance, and understanding on campus, hence bringing greater unity among the vast campus community. Events like Fast-a-Thon, 2008’s Program of the Year, Islam Awareness Week, Palestine Awareness week, as well as the various lectures and events sponsored by Al-Madinah benefit a great deal of students on campus. However, Al-Madinah has shown commitment and continues to respect the importance of student service fees and resisted the trend of giving stipends to its offcers as many other student organizations do. Therefore, Al-Madinah’s officers do not gain any monetary benefit from the student service fees. Students, Muslim or non-Muslim, are a part of AMCC’s general body and can get involved in one of the many events facilitated by the Al-Madinah Cultural Center.

For years before Al-Madinah was founded, Muslim students would resort to finding quiet places to pray and this became a stressful burden on many Muslims on campus. Al-Madinah has provided students the facility to quickly and comfortably pray between classes or gather with fellow students. It is also a place to get to know Muslim students. We frequently have visitors from religious groups or classes requesting information or just chat, therefore Al-Madinah acts as a place for dialogue and community building.

Services and Activities

Thanks to its active board and general members, AMCC offers a wide-range of services to students and to the general public. We are always looking for suggestions to improve our existing services or to create new services that fulfill the needs of our constituents. Please feel free to send us any suggestions using this form or visit the Contact Us page.

Free Printing
Do you need to print off a Lab report? English paper? Scientific article? We’ve got you covered in AMCC (CMU 236). AMCC offers free printing to all University of Minnesota students.

Table Tennis
After 6 PM, come on down to AMCC to play some ping pong with your friends!

Community Room
AMCC offers a community room where students can meet and mingle with their peers, do homework, or browse the Internet. Sisters have a private area where they can pray, read the Qur’an, or take a nap. The room is open to all members of the University Minnesota community.

Study Area
We offer a spacious study area where you can solve homework, seek peer assistance or just stay up to date with your coursework.

Desktop Computers
AMCC has 3 desktop computers open to the public. Feel free to use them to check your email or type a paper! We ask that you be considerate and not install any software or games on the computers.

AMCC features a library with books on various topics in numerous languages. Starting this year, we are allowing our vast library of books to be checked out! Contact an AMCC board member for books to be checked out!

Volunteering Opportunities
AMCC offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities either with AMCC or other local organizations such as Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). If you are interested in volunteering your skills please send us a message using the Contact Us page.

Monthly General Body Meetings (GBM)
AMCC wants to hear from you! We want to keep you updated on what the board has been doings, but most importantly, we want to here from! Come share breakfast or lunch with your fellow students and share your experiences and opinions. Keep an eye on our calendar for our monthly GBMs!

Brothers’ Bash and Sisters’ Social
Once a semester, the brothers and sisters at AMCC get together for fun night of food, games, and movies! Want to take a break from classes? Then the Bash is the place to be!