Fasting in Islam is the act of abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset. Fast-a-Thon is a collaborative effort between Al-Madinah Cultural Center and the Muslim Students Association. It is a yearly event where we bring attention to the Islamic pillar of fasting, how it ties into religion, and the similarities/differences of the cultural role it plays all over the world. Fast-a-Thon is an event that is held at MSAs all over the United States and we’re proud to continue that tradition here at the University of Minnesota.

Comedy Night

Are you ready for one of AMCC’s biggest events of the semester?! Al-Madinah Cultural Center is proud to present our annual Comedy Night! We’re kicking off Islam Awareness Week with a night full of hilarity and fun. We have several big surprises lined up for this years Comedy Night so get ready to burst out in tears of laughter! Bring your family and friends, we welcome and encourage all of you to come and enjoy the performance!

Islam Awareness Week

Join us in the spring for this year’s Islam Awareness Week! We will be hosting a variety of events each day of the week that deal with different aspects of daily and typical Muslim life-Definitely not a week you’d want to miss out on!

IAW has always been successful in the past due to volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form!