Spring Internship Program

Al-Madinah is not planning to run the Spring Internship Program this year. As of now it is not decided whether or not the program will resume. If you were planning to apply, we still have several other opportunities for you to get involved.


AMCC began its internship program in Spring 2014 with the goal of creating greater involvement with the general body in AMCC decisions. The internship program is a way for general body members to view how decisions are made and events are planned for. We want interns to be able to get an understanding of how board members interact and work together to organize successfully. In previous years, the internship program was largely laid back, but has progressively become more structured and thought-out. This year, we have a definite plan in mind for how we want the intern program to progress.

Here’s what some previous years’ interns had to say about their experience:

“It gives light as to what is expected of a person if they became a board member.”

“It showed me how a student group can plan and execute events within the University’s boundaries. So if I ever wanted to have my own student group or join another group, I’ll be well informed. I learned how AMCC operates from the inside.”

“The internship program gave me greater insight in how student group boards function, as well as how to be an effective board member and leader.”

The internship program is a great way to get a look at each board member’s responsibilities and how each of them collectively contribute to a well-functioning group as a whole. It’s also a good way to gauge interest in running for a position on the AMCC board in the future. Interns come to board meetings and get a first-hand look at communication among the board and how events are planned and organized. Interns are also assigned specific tasks to accomplish to give some insight as to the amount of work put in as par of each position and for every event. This year, AMCC plans to give interns a more active role in the execution of each event. We also want to give the interns the independence to plan, organize, and execute their own event this year! Of course, we will be there to help advise and guide them, but for the most part, it will be their responsibility.

The AMCC board chooses interns based on a variety of factors including quality of application, qualifications, leadership potential, and expressed interest.

Internship signups are currently closed for this year.